End-point assessment service

Our end-point assessment service

We put customer success at the heart of apprenticeships, 在教育行业和行业合作伙伴中工作了140年, we're a trusted leader in end-point assessment (EPA) services.

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从美容到医疗到酒店,澳门正规赌博官方网址在各个领域都提供EPA apprenticeship standards 为您和您的徒弟提供无与伦比的支持和评估准备. 为了让您的学徒走上EPA成功之路,澳门正规赌博官方网址提供澳门正规赌博官方网址的电子产品组合解决方案,包括: Learning Assistant, PIVOT and Get-to-Gateway.

New 8 Stage Journey in EPA Pro

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Download the 8-step guide

如果您是EPA的认可客户,请使用下面的链接登录EPA Pro.

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EPA Pro是澳门正规赌博官方网址新的EPA服务交付平台,带来了端到端的EPA旅程, from registration to results, all into one place.

Key benefits and features of EPA Pro


  1. Simplified and streamlined -澳门正规赌博官方网址简化了EPA交付的所有方面,从注册到证据上传和考试预订,再到结果和认证, 减少管理,让你更快地获得环保局的成功..
  2. Clarity and control -对你和你的徒弟来说,端到端的旅程更加清晰. with real-time information sharing, two-way planning meetings and speedy results and action planning, you're more in control of EPA than ever.
  3. Fully supported – EPA Pro centralises your EPA support from 城市 & 公会和工业光魔,给你一个单一的平台,澳门正规赌博官方网址帮助管理和改善你的EPA经验.


  • Single sign on -只需接入一个系统,节省时间,减轻EPA的管理负担.
  • EPA journey mapping -绘制整个学徒旅程与澳门十大娱乐网址大全日历和学徒档案显示进展更清晰.
  • Simplified gateway submissions -证据要求清楚地映射到每个标准,加速网关接受.
  • EPA component scheduling – Assessment components are booked via a virtual, 计划会议,让每个人讨论和同意的关键日期提前.
  • Reporting and analytics -全面的数据和用户仪表板提供队列进展的可见性,并使您能够报告关键的成功措施.
  • Virtual IEPA meeting -虚拟计划会议是指学徒在活动开始前会见评估人(IEPA), reducing nerves and improving confidence.
  • Packed with support – Role-specific support resources including, checklists, exemplar materials help increase your assessment success.
  • Instant results and feedback -组件级的结果一经批准即可显示,您可以直接下载和打印您的成就声明.
  • Defined next steps – With faster results, 你可以更快地庆祝成功,获得有意义的反馈和指导,对下一步的步骤和行动需要进步.
  • Digital Credentials -澳门正规赌博官方网址现在也向所有在EPA中取得成功的学徒发放数字证书. Learn more on our dedicated page.

EPA Pro旅程的关键阶段-查看澳门正规赌博官方网址的一步一步的指南

From getting started and set up with EPA Pro, to navigating gateway and progressing with assessment, 澳门正规赌博官方网址制作了一系列的录音演示来支持你对每个阶段的理解.

You can view the recordings and slides here;

Getting started with EPA Pro – Watch the recording | Download the slides

Submitting gateway and the planning meeting – Watch the recording | Download the slides

EPA Assessment evidence and results – Watch the recording | Download the slides

Improved booking process in EPA Pro


In addition to the current Planning Meeting option, 澳门正规赌博官方网址已经启动了一个改进的EPA活动预订程序,使您能够:




(一)一小群学习者为1:许多EPA澳门十大娱乐网址大全如头发, 剃毛, engineering operative, carpentry and joinery and some Chef standards etc.


(B) an individual apprentice


请在下面的链接中查看澳门正规赌博官方网址简短的15分钟演示, and please feel free to share this with your colleagues.

Watch our short demo

EPA timelines – from gateway to results


澳门正规赌博官方网址的承诺是确保供应商和学徒能够尽快通过终点评估, as well as being responsive to preferred dates and times.

Our improved service, utilising EPA Pro, 这意味着从计划会议到环境保护署澳门十大娱乐网址大全的平均时间尺度已经显著提高——现在平均需要3-4周才能完成.


epa pro timelines

EPA Pro是澳门正规赌博官方网址新的EPA服务交付平台,带来了端到端的EPA旅程, from registration to results, all into one place.

Introducing feedback for all grade outcomes


Our approach is to ensure that we are providing you with valid, 你和你的徒弟需要可靠和一致的信息,以使他们的学习旅程的下一步能够持续改进.


澳门正规赌博官方网址的方法将分阶段进行——澳门正规赌博官方网址首先选择了最受欢迎的标准,这意味着80%的学徒将从9月/ 10月开始受益, with the remaining standards to follow shortly after.

澳门正规赌博官方网址将每月对所有标准进行反馈, 目标是在2022年初将所有标准的反馈落实到位.

Download the phased roll out plan

(*Timetable is subject to change. 请参阅此汇总表,查看每月各阶段的最新状态).

Thank you for your engagement and feedback on our EPA service. If you need support, 请联系您的客户经理或EPA合作伙伴经理,他们可以帮助您.

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Need support with apprenticeships and EPA? 请通过下面的表格澳门正规赌博官方网址,了解澳门正规赌博官方网址如何帮助您的EPA交付.

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